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Leadership Coaching
I coach people to lead with their innate strengths, values, purpose, and vision, and help them to dissolve personal barriers to their greatness. I specialize in:

  • Helping world-class technologists become world-class business leaders
  • On-boarding external leaders into new organizations
  • Supporting leaders through internal role transitions
  • Successor preparation
  • Providing long-term strategic thought partnership to very senior leaders who are committed to continuously evolving their impact, co-navigating complex and often isolating leadership roles

Leadership Brand Assessment
I conduct a deep behavior-based evaluation of a leader's impact on others, shedding light on what is positive and powerful in his/her style and what could be improved for the most beneficial impact on the world and personal success.

Leadership Competency Assessment
I conduct a tailored behavioral interview and rich quantitative personality inventory, identifying a leader’s capabilities relative to a specific role and organization.

Organizational Values and Culture
I quantify individuals’ and a team’s/company’s values and culture through the use of Barrett Values Centre assessment instruments, enabling powerful conscious organizational shifts.