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With 15 years’ experience coaching leaders, I offer clients my knowledge and expertise gained from:

  • PhD in Sociology, Columbia University
  • A work history that includes growth strategy and innovation consulting (Monitor/Deloitte), leadership assessment (Korn Ferry / PDI / Hay Group), and executive education (Irish Management Institute)
  • Extensive global exposure (having lived and worked for 5+ years in Lima, Istanbul, Milan, Dublin, and London)
  • Certification through the International Coach Federation and coach training through the Coaches’ Training Institute

Recent Clients
I have worked with incredible leaders from all over the world. The list below is a small representation, as I have worked with over 70 additional organizations whose confidentiality I honor:

  • Bullhorn
  • Gilbane Building Company
  • Klaviyo
  • National Grid
  • State Street Bank
  • Tata Technologies
  • Zero Turnaround

My Approach
I have a proven method that inspires sustainable positive change in leaders, enabling them to have a transformational impact on others, their organizations, their customers/constituents, and – often – the world. In order to achieve these results, I leverage psychometric, quantitative and qualitative data with ongoing one:one sessions.

My Beliefs/Style
I believe that everyone has greatness inside them! And I believe that leadership is a calling that invites us to offer up our greatness, our highest and best selves.

I have also seen that we human beings have internal/external barriers to our greatness (I do too, by the way!). My calling is to see my clients’ greatness and to help them dissolve the barriers surrounding it, to help them align their inner and external worlds with their talents, passions, and desired impact on others and the world 

My style is a tailored-to-each-person balance of compassion, emotional warmth, empathy, calm, joy AND insight, direct straight-forward communication, challenge, and at times “tough love.” I get to the heart of the matter with kindness. I gain altitude over the fray and envision an amazing future and the path towards it.

Work History
Leadership Coach (2003-present)
SVP Leadership Strategy, Bullhorn (2015-2017)
Leadership Assessment Consultant at PDI / Korn Ferry (2010-2015)
Leadership & Innovation Consultant at Hay Group (2008-2009)
Professor of Innovation at the Irish Management Institute (2007-2008)
Strategy Consultant, Monitor/Deloitte (1999-2002)

Ph.D. Sociology, Columbia University, 1999
International Coach Federation (Certified 2005)
The Coaches’ Training Institute, 2003

I have lived/worked in: Lima, Istanbul, Milan, London, Dublin (outside the US for 5+ years)